More Than Half Of Athletes That Try To Perform The Snatch or Clean & Jerk Never Get Professional Coaching or Guidance of any kind.

Let’s be real… Olympic Lifting got pretty boring for a minute! I created the Lifting Zone to bring a dusty old sport back into the 21st century and help athletes like you get the correct coaching and guidance you need to safely, and quickly improve in your Olympic Lifts. 

Sonny Webster

Founder The Lifting Zone

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"Not another training plan... why's this one different" I hear you say! Great question, and it's quite simple, we do something nobody else in the space is willing to do. 

We're so confident in our training plans, that if you complete one, and DON'T hit a PB, we'll give you double your money back. 

No complicated terms, just complete the before and after assessment and complete each training day, and if still no luck, email us, and we'll send you a refund right away.







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