Improve your Clean & Jerk technique and hit your next PB in 6 weeks... GUARANTEED!⁣⁣

This Clean & Jerk Strength and Technique Cycle provides absolutely everything you need to break through plateaus, master your technique and start making progress towards your goals!

✔️ Clean & Jerk self assessment

✔️ 6-Week training cycle

✔️ Lifetime access to your program

✔️ Extensive video training library

✔️ Mobility training for your hips, ankles & front rack

✔️ BONUS: Master Your Mindset Training

✔️ BONUS: Members Only Support & Coaching Community

✔️ BONUS: Live Q&A's To Answer ALL Your Questions as you work through your program!

✔️ BONUS: Individual Lifting Analysis & Feedback (just $2 for one month of unlimited personalized technical feedback!)




Structured Results

Often times we neglect the focus we need to put on a single exercise to see the progress we want!

Therefore, the 40-day Clean & Jerk program gives you the structure to focus on improvements without allowing you to get bored with the programming!

...and let's be honest - who doesn't want to be throwing around some big numbers on the lifting platform?!

Now's your chance to:

  • Smash through your previous PB’s 
  • ​Blast through plateaus
  • ​Increase stability and strength


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Worst case scenario is you invest in the "6-Week Snatch Cycle" and it ends up not working for you.. right? 

Well, let me give you a solution for that.. If you go through the full plan, complete the assessment and each day of training and you DON'T hit a PB on your snatch... we'll not only refund you 100% of your money back, but we'll also double your investment for wasting your time!

You've got absolutely nothing to lose.