About Sonny

Sonny Webster has achieved the highest status of athlete in world sport, an Olympian; competing at the 2016 Rio Games in weightlifting.

He’s also accomplished competing in the commonwealth games and multiple world championships, then graduating with a degree in sports performance of Olympic Weightlifting from Bath University, England.

He’s now turned his attention and 14 years of experience to focus on his overarching goal to “leave the sport in a better place than he found it”.

Successfully changing the lives of over 10,000 athletes of all levels of experience from complete beginner to world class

Delivering face to face seminars in more than 30 countries, as well as building the biggest online weightlifting coaching & community platform in history. 


Currently based in Sydney, Australia, you’ll easily find his highly engaged social media presence (@sonnywebstergb) of over 349,000 followers with one of the most exciting platforms for fitness lovers, turning weightlifting into a sport that can be appreciated by all types of people far beyond the weightlifting community, especially well known for his complex and creative lifting variations.

This platform has allowed him to share his life and knowledge with the world, as well as turn his hand to additional projects such as the Fair Points Podcast alongside best selling author and good friends James Smith (@jamesmithpt) & Ferris Lamrabet (@ferris_l)

One of his proudest projects is the lifting dreams charity, a movement based in Soweto, South Africa. One of the most dangerous places in the world, Sonny’s charity provides equipment, facilities, funding and knowledge to the local weightlifting club which is designed to keep young people off the streets and out of danger with the combined passion of weightlifting.  

“The best lessons you learn are when you lose” - A favourite quote of Sonny’s as well as an outlook on how he likes to live his life.