Zone 2: 18 Week Training Plan

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TLZs Zone 2 is the second phase of the Ultimate guide to Olympic lifting. (If you've not completed Zone 1 we recommend you start here)

With 18 weeks of step by step training you'll take the base foundations and understand you achieved in Zone 1 and start to apply it to add some serious strength to your lifts.

What Is The Lifting Zones "Zone 2" Training Plan
Olympic lifting coaching got a bit boring... 

Outdated training methods and a philosophy that overcomplicated everything scaring a lot of people out of getting started or progressing quickly. 

The Lifting Zones mission is to change that. 

Zone 2 is the second step in our Ultimate Guide to Olympic Lifting - providing 18 weeks of world class programming plus all the additional tutorials lifters who've been training between 6-18 months need to understand the more complex movements 

Zone 2's 18 week training plan is broken down in to 3 Phases each with 6 weeks of programming and a chance for you to test your progress (attempt a PB) after each of the phases. 

To help you make the quickest progress... 

We're also including a limited time bonus 100% FREE. 

Submit one of your training sessions and one of our Olympian coaches will analyse your lifts and provide specific feedback to help you progress quicker.
This Program Includes:
  • 18 weeks of world class Olymic lifting programming

  • Pre-session warm up flow

  • 7 Olympic lifting "mini classes" for further technique progression

  • BONUS: Analysis Session by Olympian Lifter

  • BONUS: Members Only Support Community

  • BONUS: Live Q&A's To Answer ALL Your Questions

This Program Is Ideal For:
  • Lifters that have completed the Ultimate Guide & Zone 1 training plan

  • Those who have been training for 6-12+ months

  • Anyone looking to make serious progress in their Olympic lifts

Total Value: £197


Worst case scenario is you invest in the "Zone 2" and it ends up not working for you.. right? 

Well, let me give you a solution for that.. 

After you invest in the plan, you've got a full 30 days to go through the plan, the lessons and to start to follow the training. If within 30 days - you decide it's not for you just send us an email to and we'll send you the refund right away. 

Can’t say fairer than that?
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Total Value: £197