The Olympic Lifting LIFT OFF Challenge


Finally, Understand How To Safely And Easily Master Proper Olympic Lifting Technique! (50% off for a limited time!)

In this easy to follow program I uncover the fastest way to easily master the technique and skills to perform the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) correctly and safely!

The Learn to Lift program is the ultimate breakdown of exactly how to perform the two core movements that make up Olympic Lifting correctly, safely and with perfect form.Ā 

If you're a complete beginner or want to improve the execution of your lifts the Learn To Lift program is going to breakdown every step of the lifts to help you master and improve them in record time!

With this program everyone gets:

  • TheĀ 2-week foundation movement planĀ to help you reach the base level needed to start performing the lifts if you are a complete beginner wanting to get started.
  • TheĀ L2LĀ Lifting AssessmentĀ to help you understand the sticking points in your lift and focus your attention on what will have the biggest impact in you improving your Olympic lifting.
  • TheĀ Ultimate Warm Up DrillsĀ protocol that will help you prepare for each session and get your body in to the right state to hit each lift with optimal strength and avoid any injury.
  • FREE 40-Day Snatch Program ($67 value!!)
  • FREEĀ 6-Week Beginners Lifting Plan ($67 value!!)
  • Private Facebook Community Group Access
  • Live Q&A Sessions with Sonny
  • Access to my Extensive Video Library

Learn To Snatch Protocol Includes:

  • Lifting AssessmentĀ 
  • The Warm UpĀ 
  • Overhead
  • Overhead SquatĀ 
  • Snatch BalanceĀ 
  • The Set UpĀ 
  • The First PullĀ 
  • The Second PullThe TransitionĀ 
  • The Transition
  • Sowing The Seed
  • How to Fail Safely

Learn To Clean & Jerk Protocol Includes:

  • Clean & Jerk AssessmentĀ 
  • The Warm UpĀ 
  • Dip & Drive
  • Going Overhead
  • The Set UpĀ 
  • Loading The Legs
  • The CatchĀ 
  • Mission CompleteĀ 
  • How To Miss Safely


ļ»æ30-day money back guarantee!!ļ»æĀ I am so confident in the strategies and process I teach to get you to lift successfully I'm offering you 100% of your money back if the plan doesn't work for you! All I ask is you follow along with the plan, perform all the exercise and accompanying training sessions then if at the end of 60 days if you still can't perform the olympic lifts we will give you your money back!

The Olympic Lifting LIFT OFF Challenge

The Olympic Lifting LIFT OFF Challenge