The Lifting Zone Training Plans 

The Ultimate Guide To Olympic Weightlifting

Our modernised & simplified approach to successfully learn & master the Olympic Lifting movements with 12 weeks of effective programming to kickstart your progress. The perfect companion for Olympic lifters, Crossfit athletes or those that want to brush up their skills and correct their technique Consider this complete toolkit you need to progress your Olympic Lifitng.

It's the foundation of everything we do in weightlifting and functional fitness. A strong, deep squat has the ability to make not only the one lifting go weak at the knees 😉  This 6 week squat strength cycle is perfect to bolt on to your current training to maximise strength & size gains. Don't hit a PB in the front or back squat after 6 weeks... we'll buy it back from you!


The 40 Day Clean & Jerk Plan is the perfect way to accelerate your progress towards your next Clean & Jerk PB. It can be used as a stand-alone plan, bolted onto your current CrossFit training, or used side by side with any other sports training.


The snatch is one of the most technical and tricky lifts to master. This step-by-step program will give you the chance to focus just 6 weeks on improving your movement, strength and mobility in the snatch. By the end of this cycle you'll not only hit a snatch PB (we guarantee that) but your stability and understanding of the movement will mean you can continue to make progress even after you complete the plan.


Looking For A More Personal Touch? Every Month We Take On 20 Athlete 1:1 And Coach Them To Their Olympic Lifting Goals...