Overhead Strength & Stability Cycle

Designed by Olympian Weightlifter, Sonny Webster, this 6-Week training cycle is your roadmap to mastering overhead strength and stability, improving your speed under the bar, and hitting your next (or first) PB!

✔️ 6-week training cycle designed by Olympian Sonny Webster

✔️ Video instruction for every movement

✔️ ​1RM Calculator & Tracker

✔️ BONUS: Master Your Mindset Training

✔️ BONUS: Members Only Support Community

✔️ BONUS: Live Q&A's To Answer ALL Your Questions



All Overhead Strength program buyers will get free trial access to our private coaching discord for individualized feedback on your lifting technique.

This is an invaluable opportunity to have your form scrutinized and perfected, propelling you toward your weightlifting goals faster than ever before!

You'll simply upload your lifting videos into the discord during your free trial period & a coach will respond with individualized feedback!

Your Coach:


After working with thousands of athletes & delivering hundreds of in-person seminars at gyms worldwide, I realized something... 

... Quality, step-by-step Olympic lifting coaching is hard to come by (for an affordable price)!

Sure you've got Youtube, but who do you trust and how do you know what they're teaching you actually works?

With a 98% PB RATE - I finally cracked to the pressure and created a step-by-step guide on how to master the Olympic lifts that you can do from anywhere. 

I'm so confident in the process and it working for you (providing you put in the work) I offer a 100% money-back guarantee!